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Adriana Karembeu bio
Adriana Karembeu is an acknowledged European fashion model who shot to instant fame thanks to a stint with Wonderbra, where she appeared as its resident model in many of its billboards all across Europe. Aside from that, Adriana has also worked as a commercial model for the Peroni line of beer. The Czechoslovakian-born model stands at a towering 6'1" but it is her amazing set of legs that has set her apart from other fashion mannequins. Measuring 49.5 inches, the legs were once recorded as the world's longest pair for a supermodel in the Guinness Book of World Records, a distinction that Adriana shared with Ana Hickmann, also a fashion model from Brazil. In late 1998, Adriana tied the knot with French soccer superstar Christian Karembeu, eventually taking on his last name while continuing with her work as a model. Nevertheless, she has decided to retain her maiden name as well, which was Adriana Sklenarikova, such that in the fashion world, she is known by two different names.

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