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Aida Yespica bio
Aida Yespica is a Venezuelan-born model who first made a name in 2002 when she took part in that year's Miss Venezuela beauty pageant, representing the Amazonian state. She did not get to win the top award, though, but the press considered her as among the favorites, because of her 5'8" height, fiery brown eyes, and stunning beauty. A year later, Aida moved to Italy to embark on a modeling career where she instantly made a name, appearing in prominent international magazines like Maxim and GQ, representing such names as Ras, Nissan, Braun, and Ferre. Soon after, Italian television beckoned, and Aida found herself involved in several reality-based programs, including "Supervivientes" (the Spanish counterpart of the program "Telecinco") and "L'isola dei Famosi" (a program where selected famous personalities become temporary island castaways). Presently, she is working on becoming an actress with a cameo appearance in a made-for-TV movie entitled "Domani e un altra truffa".

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