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Akira Fabuki bio
Akira Fabuki (birthday March 13, 1978) achieved fame in Japan by starring in several Japanese sexy movies as an AV or adult video idol. Some of her more popular films included such titles as "Master Video #100", "Dirty Angel", "Perfect Condition", and "Raw Fuck Heartbreaker". Recently, Akira enjoyed even more fame, although of a more dubious nature. This came about when one sexy Japanese movie video began circulating where Akira was featured allegedly being abused by two unknown male adult stars. Under close scrutiny, however, the clip turned out to be a fake as it actually used pixelization, a film obscuring technique often utilized by Japanese adult video makers as a requirement in order for their videos to be sold legally in Japan. Born in Kanagawa, Japan, Akira stands five feet tall with a body measurement of 33-22-33 topped by a brown pair of eyes. Reportedly, her latest work was in 1997, a video movie entitled "Aiyoku no obuje" ("An Object of Passion") that had an international release. A year before that, she starred in "Doresshii".

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