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Alexis Dziena bio
Alexis Dziena started her career as a stage performer appearing in several plays for the American Academy of Dramatic Awards. Shortly, however, the world of films beckoned, and Alexis found herself doing several movies, including "Broken Flowers" in 2005, where she starred opposite some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including Bill Murray, Sharon Stone, Julie Delpy, Mark Webber, and Jessica Lange. The film won the Grand Prize of the Jury award in the Cannes Film Festival held that year, aside from earning a nomination for the Golden Palm Award. That same year, Alexis also tried her hand at TV acting, snagging the role of Kira Underlay in the short-lived science-fiction series "Invasion" aired over ABC. Her initial venture, though, in television was via "Witchblade" which was aired over TNT. Presently residing in Los Angeles, Alexis used to go out with stage and film performer Michael Pitt. Aside from acting, she also enjoys the drums and doing playwrights.

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