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Alicia Silverstone bio
Alicia Silverstone started as a young TV commercial model of Domino’s Pizza before finally getting a vital role in the program "The Wonder Years" which starred Fred Savage. By the time she was 15, Alicia had become a popular face among MTV fans as she got to appear in three music videos of the rock group, Aerosmith, namely, "Crazy", "Amazing", and "Cryin’". The exposure earned for Alicia the moniker, "the Aerosmith chick", and became the foundation upon which she launched her movie career. In 1995, Alicia starred in "Clueless", considered as the darling movie of that year’s summer season. Alicia was a revelation in "Clueless", and many saw her as the most credible spokesman of a then emerging generation of young people. "Clueless" was admittedly a commercial success, and Alicia eventually signed a $10 million Columbia Tri-Star film contract. Her succeeding film, "Batman & Robin", however, did not fare well, and Alicia eventually fell into gradual oblivion. Alicia, however, re-emerged in 2003, appearing in NBC's "Miss Match", a show which unfortunately, lasted only for one season. Two years after, she married Christopher Jarecki, her boyfriend for almost eight years.

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