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Alison Eastwood is perhaps best known as the rebellious daughter of veteran Hollywood actor Clint Eastwood, although she has also managed to create a separate identity as a fashion designer, movie actress, and model. The latter job basically involved exposure in various European-based fashion magazines like Vogue. However, in 2003, Alison gave the US magazine circuit a try by posing for the February edition of Playboy. In recent years, Alison has apparently decided to give acting more serious attention, appearing in two full-length films in 1997, namely, "Absolute Power" and "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil". A year later, she starred in "Black and White", followed by "Breakfast of Champions" in 1999 and "Poolhall Junkies" which had a 2003 release. All of these movies showcased her acting prowess, which is not surprising when one considers her bloodline. Even her early 1984 film, "Tightrope", received much acclaim because of the kind of performance that she delivered in her many scenes. Alison is presently busy attending to her personal clothing line, which she fondly calls Eastwood Ranch.

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