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Alison Lohman bio
Alison Lohman can be considered a genuine American actress because she has consistently shown superb acting performances in several of her movies, notably "White Oleander", which was based on the novel by Janet Fitch. The film had a superb cast that included Renee Zellweger, Robin-Wright Penn, and Michelle Pfeiffer, but did not fare well at the tills. Nevertheless, the performance of the cast, particularly that of Alison, received much critical acclaim, with many considering it her breakthrough film. A year later, Alison was cast alongside Sam Rockwell and Nicholas Cage in "Matchstick Men", and though the movie likewise failed to make money, Alison gained praise for her acting. Shortly thereafter, she was cast in "Big Fish" where she continued with her uncanny trend of superb performance and box-office flop. In 2004, Alison starred in "Where the Truth Lies" which gave her double trouble because aside from being a failure at the tills, her acting was criticized for being less than perfect. Nevertheless, she hopes to make up for this temporary setback by gracing the Sundance Film Festival where her movie "Delirious" is being exhibited. The film also stars Michael Pitt and Steve Buscemi.

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