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Alyssa Milano started very young in the acting world, and people will always remember her as little Samantha Micelli, the irrepressible daughter of Tony Micelli, played by Tony Danza on the popular 70's TV show, "Who's the Boss?" Modern-day couch potatoes, however, will most likely remember Alyssa as Phoebe Halliwell, one of three witch sisters on another TV program, "Charmed". Other TV characters that Alyssa made famous were those of Jennifer Mancini on the drama "Melrose Place", and Meg Winston in the sitcom, "Spin City". More recently, she is also being called Eva Savelot, the character she portrayed in the 1-800-COLLECT call commercials of MCI. Alyssa, however, did not restrict herself to television. After "Who's the Boss", she started doing movies that had adult themes, effectively shedding off the sweet girl image that she previously projected. Among the more notable films she made were "Embrace of the Vampire", "Poison Ivy II: Lily", and "Deadly Sins". She is reportedly busy with a new film, "The Blue Hour", where she is cast as a grieving mom.

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