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Amanda Peet bio
Amanda Peet started her acting career through an appearance for a "Skittles" TV commercial. This was followed by another TV appearance, this time as a guest on the program, "Law & Order", after which Amanda branched out to movie acting, starring in mostly independent or indie type of films, notably in "Animal Room", released in 1995, which is considered as her debut film. The first big break came to Amanda in 1999 when she was given the title role in the TV drama-comedy, "Jack & Jill". The series had two seasons of airing before WB decided to cancel it. A year later, Amanda went back to the movies where another big break awaited her, via the much-publicized "The Whole Nine Yards". Her role in the said movie finally elevated Amanda from being a supporting star to lead actress, and she eventually got to star in several big-budgeted movies, the last of which was "Syriana" opposite Matt Damon. Amanda is now married to David Benioff, whom she has gifted a bouncing baby girl.

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