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Ami Dolenz bio
Ami Dolenz has true acting blood running through her veins being the granddaughter of movie stars Janelle Johnson and George Dolenz. That is why it is not surprising that she ended up in the performing arts, shuffling an acting career between television and the movies. Her first big break came via the film, "Miracle Beach", shown in 1992, where Ami was cast as a genie. Prior to that, however, she did the 1989 independent movie, "She's Out of Control" opposite Tony Danza. She would later on be included in another indie film entitled "Mr.Id" where she essayed the role of Heather Dombrowski. On television, Ami showed her potential as a comedienne when she took over actress Mia Sara in the role of Sloane Peterson in the comedy series "Ferris Bueller". Additionally, she was included in the cast of the TV teenage sitcom "Growing Pains". Ami is presently handling KidPix Productions which she put up along with Jerry Timble, her husband of five years. She is also co-manages Bluebell Boutique, an online custom jewelry store. In between, Ami does stage performances for Write Act Repertory Theater.

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