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Amy Acker bio
Amy Acker can be considered a veteran TV actress judging from the number of small screen programs that she has made. However, what really made her a household name was her portrayal of Kelly Peyton, the villain to Jennifer Gardner's character in the hit TV series "Alias". What started as a mere guest appearance transformed into a full-pledged cast membership as "Alias" entered its last season in 2005, instantly placing Amy at the upper level rank in the list of the most popular TV characters at that time. Apart from "Alias", Amy was also involved in another popular TV program "Angel" where she portrayed two different characters. During the first four seasons, she was Winifred "Fred" Burkle, and as the series reached its final two seasons, Amy was known as Illyria. For portraying such complex characters, Amy received the Best Supporting Actress on Television trophy from the Saturn Award in 2003. Amy is married to fellow TV performer James Carpinello and they have two children, two-year-old Jackson James and little Ava Grace who is set to turn a year older by September.

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