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Andie MacDowell bio
Rosie MacDowell or Andie was born on the 21st of April 1958 in South Carolina. Although she was the youngest child in the family, Andie felt responsible for helping her family cope when her father left them at age 6. So, she worked in minimum-waged jobs like Pizza Hut and McDonalds. In college, Andie enrolled in Winthrop, but soon stopped school to move to NYC. She wanted to engage herself in modeling and because of her beauty and body, Andie became part of the Elite Model agency, which soon offered her a contract for various Calvin Klein commercials in 1980. After that, she became an exclusive spokesperson for L’Oreal cosmetics and became very popular in Northern America until 1989. During the peak of Andie's modeling career, her mother died. This incident did not hinder her to achieve her goals in life, including being an actress. Later, Andie can be seen starring in films with famous actors such as Drew Barrymore, Sharon Stone, Hugh Grant, and many others.

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