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Andrea Corr bio
Andrea Corr is known as the lead vocalist of The Corrs, a well-known band primarily composed of the Corr siblings including Caroline, Sharon, and Jim. Ever since she was a child, Andrea was inclined to music, thanks to her parents who insisted to form a family of musicians. Even during her childhood, Andrea started to write lyrics and create harmony, a talent that she still keeps to this day. Though she knew how to play piano, Andrea also learned how to play the musical instrument known as tin whistle, which is now known to add color to the band's music. Having the distinct sound of this instrument along with the sound of violin, Andrea has created a unique characteristic of Irish music that is reflected in the songs of The Corrs and has really helped the band's popularity to grow all over the world. Today, Andrea and her band have released a great number of albums, which feature original songs that she has created. Unknown to many, Andrea has a peculiar habit of composing songs in bathtubs.

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