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Angie Harmon bio
Angela Michelle Harmon Sehorn, also known as Angie Harmon, is a daughter of Daphne Demar Caravageli and Larry Paul Harmon---both were much recognized in the fashion industry as top models during the 70s. Though her parents got divorced, Angie still pursued her dream of becoming a top model, just like her parents. So, she turned out to be a famous ramp model and a TV/Film actress as well. As an actress, she has guested on TV shows like "Law & Order" and "Baywatch Nights." Meanwhile, she has also starred in the 2003 film "Agent Cody Banks." Being a young actress, Angie even inspired the famous singer and comedienne Sandra Bernhard to write a song entitled “Angie Harmon,” which focuses on how young people become obsessed to work in Hollywood and in so doing, deceive their ages. Aside from her sucessful acting career, Angie's lovelife is also a success. She got a romantic proposal from the famous soccer athlete Jason Sehorn when she guested in the TV show of Jay Leno. Today, Angie is living with her husband and has given birth to two beautiful daughters.

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