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Anne Heche bio
Controversy seems to be at the heels of popular actress Anne Heche even before she started her career. Born in Ohio to a Baptist minister and psychotherapist, Anne had undergone personal tragedies and misfortunes at a very young age. As she claimed in her autobiography, Anne was molested by her father and had lost her older brother to a car accident. Despite these, Anne showed potential in being an accomplished actress, even getting an offer to star in a popular soap opera. However, she declined it in favor of finishing high school. After graduating high school, Anne immediately headed of for New York where she played two roles in a soap opera. Her performance won her a Daytime Emmy Award and opened doors for her to star in films like Psycho, Six Days And Seven Night, Wag The Dog, Volcano, and Donnie Bracso. Anne is perhaps more known for her controversial relationship and eventual breakup with Ellen De Generes. Anne has been married and has a son.

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