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Annie Potts bio
Annie Potts is perhaps more known for her role as the secretary Janine Melintz in the hit 1984 movie Ghostbusters and her character in the Designing Women TV sitcom. However this actress had impressive roles in Any Day Now, Pretty in Pink, Joan of Arcadia, and her voice characterization of Little Bo Peep in the animated hit film Toy Story. She has also lent her voice to talking books, where she played the narrator and heroine in Larry McMurty's book Telegraph Days. Annie grew up in Kentucky where her family moved from Tennesse, where she was born. She is married to James Hayman, a television director, and she has three sons. Annie is also a Board Member of the Stephens College, and she spends most of her time assisting in the fundraising activities for this institution for a long time now. There have been rumors of a third Ghostbusters movie, and though this is still unconfirmed, Annie seems to be eager to join the project and reunite with her co-stars.

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