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Asia Argento bio
Asia Argento hailed from a family of famous artists in Italy that her love for acting is almost as natural as breathing. Born on Septmeber 20, 1975, this 5'6" Italian actress first starred in Sergio Citti's "Sogni e bisogni" when she was just nine years old. Four years later, she already made a lead debut in the film, "Zoo" that led her to a popular slew of up and coming roles. All these prepared her to a more complex leads, some of which, even earned recognition in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Asia Argento also made several films with her father, highly acclaimed director, Dario Argento. However, it was in the film "Perdiamoci di vista" that Asia Argento earned herself a "Best Actress" trophy in a challenging role as a disabled woman. Not only that, she is also an outspoken author and the youngest female director, who introduced digital film in Italy. She starred opposite Vin Diesel in the blockbuster movie, "xXx", but refused to accept sultry action roles to depart from the popular sex culture. Not only as a director but even as a mother to Anna Lou, Asia Argento has always been passionate in everything she does.

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