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Bai Ling bio
East meets west when Bai Ling first landed on America with only a few English words on her vocabulary. However, in attending classes at NYU as a Chinese scholar, Bai Ling soon realized a Hollywood dream way bigger than her acclaimed success back home. As the daughter of a music teacher and a stage actress, acting even for the young and shy Bai Ling came out as a natural talent. Bai Ling's American film breakthrough came in 1994's "The Crow", until she landed a cameo role in Nixon's biopic by Oliver Stone. The 5'3" Asian beauty then starred in "Wild Wild West", "Anna and the King", "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow", and "Star Wars: Episode III", opposite highly acclaimed Hollywood stars. But because of her rebellious participation in Tiananmen Square protests and her courageous performance as a lawyer in the film, "Red Corner", Bai Ling is a political refugee, who was later granted an American citizenship. She may not be as popular as Lucy Liu and Michelle Yeoh but the 36-year old actress will definitely soar high as "White Spirit", a name that refers to the Chinese meaning of Bai Ling.

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