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Barbara Bach bio
When she first attended a concert for British superstars, "The Beatles", it never crossed her mind that after 15 years, she'll no longer be one of the screaming fans but a wife to drummer, Ringo Starr. But before that, Barbara Bach was first married to an Italian business man, whom she had gifted two children. However, after her marriage with Augusto Gregorini fell apart, she came back to America and moved to L.A. with her kids. She then met Ringo Starr in the film, "Caveman", and soon became one of '80's handsome couples. In fact, she was even spending a holiday with Ringo Starr when daughter, Francesca, broke the news about John Lennon's gruesome death. The couple flew all the way to New York for John Lennon's family. In April 27, 1981, she got married to not just any drummer but "The Beatles" drummer, Ringo Starr. The now 58-year old Barbara Bach was also once a Playboy model and a James Bond girl in the blockbuster hit, "The Spy Who Loved Me".

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