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Barbara Hershey bio
Born February 5, 1948 as Barbara Herzstein, Barbara Hershey studied drama in high school and got her first screen role in the TV show "Gidget" in 1965. For the next two years, she starred on several TV series, and then in 1968, she landed her first movie role in "With Six You Get Eggroll." Her next projects were mostly small films that hardly got any notice from audiences and film critics, but in 1977, rechristened with a new name -- Barbara Seagull, she won the Best Actress award from the Berlin Film Festival for her stunning work in the drama movie, "Angela." Four years later, she again changed her name into Barbara Hershey, and she was back on the spotlight when she joined director Philip Kaufman in his project, "The Right Stuff," which has garnered a considerable amount of attention. Under the direction of Marin Scorcese, Barbara Hershey won a Golden Globe nomination as Mary Magdalene in the 1988 movie, "The Last Temptation of Christ."

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