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Billie Piper bio
Billie Piper was born September 22, 1982 in Swindon, England and started as a pop artist during her teen years. At the age of fifteen, she was offered a recording deal and became the youngest pop artist to have a number one single at the UK charts. Her second single from her debut album also reached the number one spot, making her entry at the music industry a successful one. A year after her big music break, she released her second album but it wasn't as successful as her debut album. Due to emotional problems, she suffered from starvation and anorexia. She then met BBC radio DJ Chris Evans and started to pursue an acting career. Billie became a household name in UK due to her stunning portrayal as "Rose Tyler" in the popular UK TV series "Doctor Who." Her marriage with Evans ended and she is rumored to be currently dating actor Laurence Fox.

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