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Bo Derek bio
A very beautiful model and actress, Bo Derek was born November 20, 1956 under the name Mary Kathleen Collins. Derek's first movie was the 1977 production "Orca: The Killer Whale," wherein she portrayed a victim's role who had her leg bitten off by the whale. Her name was catapulted into the spotlight after appearing as the alluring crush of actor Dudley Moore in the 1979 movie "10." Because of her beauty and her trendy cornrow hairstyle in the said movie, she became a star and a sex symbol. She also starred in several movies, such as "Tarzan, the Ape Man" in 1981, the erotic film "Bolero," and in her husband's film, "Ghosts Can't Do It." Bo Derek was married to actor and photographer John Derek until his death, and posed nude for Playboy with the pictures taken by her husband at a secluded beach. Bo Derek was also chosen as a judge in the 2006 "Miss Universe Beauty Pageant."

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