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Bree Turner bio
A gorgeous actress, model and dancer, Bree Turner was born March 10, 1977 in California. Her movies include "My Best Friend's Wedding" in 1997, "The Big Lebowski" in 1998, "She's All That" with actress Rachel Leigh Cook, and the hit comedy movie "Austin Powers: The Spy who Shagged Me" in 1999. Because of her grace and beauty, she has appeared as a model for several brands, such as Budweiser, Hyundai, GAP, Toshiba, and Dr. Pepper. Her latest movie projects include the sequel to the teen movie "Bring It On" entitled "Bring It On Again" as the strong-willed head cheerleader Tina Hammersmith, "Just My Luck" along with actress Lindsay Lohan, and "The TV Set" in 2006. She was also a cast member of the MTV series "Undressed" and can be frequently seen in the drama series "Cold Case." She also appeared in the sitcom "Spin City" and in the 2004 series "Good Girls Don't."

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