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Bridget Fonda bio
One might say that acting is in Bridget Fonda's blood, as she came from a family of actors, starting with her grandfather Henry Fonda, her Aunt Jane Fonda, father Peter Fonda, and mother Susan Brewer. Born January 27, 1964, she studied method acting at New York University's Tisch School of Arts. Her first movie was the 1982 comedy production "Partners," in which she had a non-speaking role. Her second movie was the 1988 film "Scandal" along with actor John Hurt. She also appeared in several movies, such as "You Can't Hurry Love," "Light Years," "Shag," Strapless," and in "Frankenstein Unbound." The movie that put her to stardom was the "Godfather Part III" where she portrayed a role of an attractive journalist. In 1992, she was given a feature role in the thriller movie "Single White Female" wherein her natural acting skills were finally recognized by critics. She then married composer Danny Elfman and had a baby boy named Oliver in 2005.

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