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Brittany Daniel bio
Made famous by her role as "Jessica Wakefield" in the TV adaptation of the Francine Pascal book "Sweet Valley High," Brittany Daniel is a gorgeous blonde born March 17, 1976. As a kid, she and her twin sister Cynthia Daniel appeared as models in several print ads and magazines such as "YM" and "Seventeen." After appearing in a Double Mint gum commercial, she landed a role in the Sweet Valley High series as the spunky and strong-willed twin Jessica Wakefield. She also appeared in the third season of "Dawson's Creek" as Eve and dated co-actor Joshua Jackson. Her movie credits include "Joe Dirt," "The Hamiltons," "Club Dread," "Sonic Impact," and "The Basketball Diaries." Brittany was also linked to John Corbett, Orlando Jones, and Carl Hagmier. Her latest movie projects include two Wayans Brothers films -- "White Chicks" and "Little Man." She is now regularly seen in a TV comedy series "The Game."

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