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Brooke Langton bio
One may see Brooke Langton as a series regular in the television drama “Friday Night Lights,” but before she became part of the football show, she had already made quite a contribution to the business. Brooke Langton was born on November 27, 1970 in Arizona, but she was raised in Texas and Illinois. She got her break on the small screen when she joined the cast of “Melrose Place” as Samantha Reilly Campbell. When she was done playing this role, she moved on the the drama “The Net,” which is the TV adaptation of the film. As for her movie career, she starred in “The Replacements,” as well as the indie flick “Swingers.” She had minor appearances in the films “Partners,” “Playing Mona Lisa,” and “Kiss the Bride.” Her latest movie role is in “Primeval.” One may also see Brooke Langton in the Bon Jovi video “(You Want to) Make a Memory.” Langton is currently busy with her work on “Friday Night Lights,” but she can also be seen on NBC's “Life.”

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