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Carla Gugino bio
A talented actress and thespian, Carla Gugino was born August 29, 1971 to an English mom and an Italian-Irish dad. She was discovered by a modeling agency at the tender age of fifteen but due to height issues, she returned from New York City back to California and pursued an acting career instead. Her film debut was the 1989 "Troop Beverly Hills" and was followed by other movie projects such as "The Buccaneers," "Red Hot," "Miami Rhapsody," "The War at Home," and "Jaded." Aside from her stunning portrayal as "Ingrid Cortez" in the "Spy Kids" movie trilogy which has gained considerable attention, Carla has also performed in several theater productions such as"After the Fall" and "Suddenly Last Summer." She has also appeared in several TV series such as "Spin City" and "Threshold." Her recent movies include"Snake Eyes" along with Nicolas Cage,"Sin City,""Judas Kiss," and "Night At The Museum" opposite actor Ben Stiller.

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