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Carol Alt bio
A stunning model and actress, Carol Alt was born December 1, 1960 in New York. At the age of 20, Carol's modeling career started to materialize as her photo was featured on the cover of the prestigious fashion magazine "Harper's Bazaar. "Two years later, she was featured on the cover page of "Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue," a popular men's magazine. Aside from modeling, she also ventured into the movie industry and starred in several movies both Italian and English. Her recent movie projects include "Snakehead Terror" and the 1999 TV movie by Peter Benchley,"Amazon." She has also written a book entitled "Eating in The Raw: A Beginner's Guide To Getting Slimmer, Feeling Healthier, And Looking Younger the Raw-food Way." Because of her beauty expertise, she also became a consultant for a skincare line -- "Le Mirador." Due to these achievements, she was hailed by Askmen.com as one of the "Top 10 Supermodels Of All Time."

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