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Carre Otis bio
Although her acting performances in several forgettable films were far from being stellar, Carre Otis was able to make a successful transition into being one of the hottest faces in the modeling industry. Like Anna Nicole Smith, she's highly recognized as a former Guess model, who also did a great campaign for Calvin Klein. With these as backgrounds in her portfolio, Carre Otis soon became a familiar face in fashion magazine spreads such as Elle and Sports Illustrated. These led her into trying her luck and her strut in the runways for famous design houses. The 38-year actress-model was once on top of the world while enjoying the perks of her popularity and cult following. However, after her dubious battle with illegal drugs and abusive husband, Mickey Rourke, it came to a point that even a star had to lose her glimmer. If all good things have come to an end, at least, Carre Otis may still take the credit in making it to the Pirelli calendar, Sports Illustrated Millennium edition, and earning much to get her back in great shape.

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