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As soon as she puts her dark sunglasses on, Carrie Anne Moss will easily be recognized as the "Matrix" lady, who enthralled many in her coming-of-age performance. If her name may sound familiar and may even ring a bell, it's because "Carrie Ann" was taken from a song by "The Hollies" that hit the charts when she's born in 1967. To try her luck in a modeling career, the young Carrie Anne Moss even had to fly all the way to Europe until she was later cast in Spain's TV series, "Dark Justice". Her magnetic charm then expanded into several media ads and theater play roles. However, it is the Matrix trilogy that brought her an overwhelming success as a Canadian Hollywood actress. The 5'8" brunette also starred in "Memento" with Guy Pearce and in "Red Planet" with Terrence Stamp. Call it a mere coincidence, but the 39-year old Carrie Anne Moss is now married to Steven Roy, who also happened to be a cast of the "Matrix", but in TV series. With two sons, if there's one thing Carrie Anne Moss has always enjoyed up to this very day, it is sipping her favorite coffee filled with cream but without sugar.

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