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Cate Blanchett bio
Those who knew Cate Blanchett so well may always reveal a part of her personality that is less known of her as a top-caliber actress. Despite her intense and always impressive performances, Cate Blanchett is surprisingly far from being a rigid thespian or even a tinseltown princess. In fact, in her interview for the film, "The Lord of the Rings", she admitted accepting the role so she could also try wearing the prosthetic ears. As a very sensitive and hardworking performer both onstage and onscreen, she takes her craft seriously but with impressive humility. As for the quirky Cate Blanchett that not all people gets a chance to see up close, the former art history student is actually fond of making up lists while she crosses out each item for every accomplishment that she achieves. This 5'8" acting queen had also done comedy stints but is most identified with female load roles in "The Aviator", "Charlotte Gray", and "Elizabeth". With acting trophies and prestigious recognitions as a Hollywood celebrity, it's quite a surprise how she keeps her life peaceful and nonetheless private. Married for almost 10 years with screenwriter, Andrew Upton, Cate Blachett is the famous mother of Dashiell John and Roman Robert.

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