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Catherine Bell bio
Although she's originally born in England, she's far from being cast as a typical British beauty. As it turned out, Catherine Bell has her Iranian mother to thank for in lending her a more enigmatic charm. At 5'10", this eye-catching brunette is also linked mostly with military roles in "JAG,, "Crash Drive", "Men of War", and "Black Thunder". But despite these stereotypes, Catherine Bell has surely gone a long way from posing as the naked body of Isabella Rosellini in the 1992 comedy film, "Death Becomes Her". The young Catherine Bell initially dreamed of becoming a biomedical engineer or even a surgeon while studying Biology in UCLA. However, her stints in several TV ads made her realize an even bigger dream, the one that she could only find in Hollywood. Apart from her TV roles and film credits, Catherine Bell was also able make it to the list of the sexiest stars in different magazine covers. Now married to Adam Beason, this former model has managed to keep her lovely figure even after giving birth to Gemma in 2003.

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