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Cerina Vincent bio
Cerina Vincent is a rising star from Las Vegas, Nevada. Her talent in dancing and singing was honed at the ballet studio owned b her mother. Her career in Hollywood started with auditions and scoutings, until she got a tole as Denise, the waitress in the movie "Bones". Cerina also had a role in the horror flick "Cabin Fever", which was directed by Eli Roth. She started to be noticed in the comedy flick "Not Another Teen Movie", and also appeared in David Lynch's "Darkened Room". Most American children will remember Cerina as Maya, the yellow power ranger on "The Power Rangers". She is also commended for her appearances in the television like her participation in "Dead Last", "Felicity", "Ally McBeal", and "Malcolm In The Middle". Because of her talent, she was cast as one of the characters in the independent film feature "Fear Runs Silent". However, people most likely do not remember Cerina as the beautiful contestant and winner at the Miss Nevada Teen USA Pageant. But nevertheless, she proved that she has the talent since she can be seen in movies like "Everybody Wants to be Italian", "One Part Sugar", and "Devil on the Mountain".

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