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Chloe Sevigny bio
Chloe Sevigny is from Darien, Connecticut, born into a wealthy family. Her career started when an editor from a teen fashion magazine in New York City, and after that, began her venture into acting and even modeling. Impressed by her street smarts and unique fashion sense, the magazine hired her on as an intern, a job that necessitated a move to Brooklyn and even led to the occasional modeling job. She appeared eventually in low-budget films including "Trees Lounge" and "Gummo". However, it was her notable role Boys Don't Cry" -- a controversial film released eight years ago -- that catapulted the already successful career of Sevigny. This beautiful actress also starred with popular actors and one of them Hilary Swank -- a point in her career which opened to the doors for awards. However, she only received a few but well-deserved nominations most specially in the Oscars. She also starred in the controversial film "The Brown Bunny." Chloe also accepted a role on the HBO television show "Big Love."

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