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Christa Miller bio
Christa Miller Lawrence is best known for her television work. She was a cast member of The Drew Carey Show and she acquired a recurring role on Scrubs, and is now a regular cast member. Her premier appearance on television is in "Kate & Allie", wherein she shared the credits with Susan Saint James, her real-life aunt. She can also be seen in "Fresh Prince of Bel Air", "Northern Exposure", "Party of Five", and "Seinfeld". She had a major role on "The Drew Carey Show" for seven years until in 2002. On the other hand, she also lent her voice for the character Cleopatra in her husband's short-lived animated show "Clone High". She has three children with Bill Lawrence, Charlotte Sarah, born in 2000, William Stoddard, born in 2003 and Henry Vanduzer, born in October 2006. Christa Miller was on the cover of the first issue of the American edition of Maxim magazine.

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