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Claire Danes bio
Claire Catherine Danes is a Golden Globe Award-winning American film, television, and theater actress from Manhattan. However, this beautiful lady is more famous for her portrayal of the character of Angela Chase in a television drama series aptly entitled "My So-Called Life" released almost tthirteen years ago. This feat won her a Golden Globe Award while she was also given an Emmy nomination, followed by her role as Juliet in Baz Luhrmann's 1996 film "William Shakespeare's Romeo + Juliet ". Danes also got the chance to participate in an animated feature sometime in 1999 when she was given a role in the English version of "Princess Mononoke". In 1999, she took the lead role in Brokedown Palace, alongside Kate Beckinsale and Bill Pullman. Danes is also a cast in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" as well as "Stage Beauty", a film released almost three years ago. She also appeared in Off-Broadway plays including "Happiness", "Punk Ballet", and "Kids On Stage", in which she choreographed her own solo dance. Moreover, Danes happened to be offered a very distinctive role which is that of Lois Lane, a character set for the "Superman Returns" movie. However, she was unavailable for the screen test since she was busy with "The Family Stone".

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