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Claire Forlani bio
Claire Forlani is a well-renowned English actress. She is distinguished by her notable roles in various well-reviewed movies like "Meet Joe Black", "Police Academy", and "Boys and Girls". Claire and her family moved to San Francisco in 1993, in order to allow for wider casting opportunities in Hollywood films. Apparently, this talented lady can be seen participating in a television mini-series aptly entitled "J.F.K.: Reckless Youth" and the film "Police Academy: Mission to Moscow". In 1995 she played the supporting role of Brandi Svenning in Kevin Smith's cult classic, Mallrats. Meanwhile, almost almost eleven years ago, Forlani is seen performing a supporting role -- one of her best feats -- in the action film "The Rock". She also appeared in Antitrust, a thriller that was released in January of 2001 She co-starred Jackie Chan in "The Medallion" and in "Mystery Men." Moreover, Forlani also got to participate in "CSI: New York" where she holds a recurring role of a medical examiner which goes by the character Dr. Peyton Driscoll.

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