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Cynthia Nixon bio
She's known as Miranda from Sex and the City, but before Cynthia Nixon became part of this award-winning series, she had already made quite a splash in the business. Cynthia Nixon began her acting career in 1979, when we was just 12 years old with her role in an ABC Afterschool Special entitled The Seven Wishes of a Rich Kid, and her first feature film was Little Darlings. She also made an appearance on Broadway in 1980, and she played Dinah Lord in The Philadelphia Story. She then became a part of a series of projects for both television and film. Some of these are My Body, My Child, Prince of the City, and I Am Cheese. As for stage, she acted in Romeo and Juliet and The Heidi Chronicles. Her more recent film contributions are her works in Marvin's Room, The Out-of-Towners, and Addams Family Values. Cynthia Nixon is currently working on the movie installment of Sex and the City with the rest of the original cast members.

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