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Daisy Fuentes bio
A talented host and actress with dazzling beauty, Daisy Fuentes is one of Hollywood's bankable Latina beauties. Born in Cuba on November 17, 1966, Daisy's family moved to New Jersey when she was 7 years old. A graduate of Communications and Journalism, Daisy began her TV exposure as the WXTV Channel 41 weather girl. Later on, she became the station's news anchorwoman. From doing cable news, Daisy made the big switch to becoming MTV Internacional's charming VJ. After gaining a solid footing in her hosting career, Daisy also tried to do a few acting stints. She launched her acting career with "Loving," a soap opera in ABC, which was followed by other show appearances in "The Larry Sanders Show," "Cybill," and "Dream On." She also starred in a Quentin Tarantino film in 1996 called "Curdled." However, it's not career that's been going good with this former "America's Funniest Video" host. Romance is also in full bloom for Daisy, being presently engaged with singer, Matt Goss.

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