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Dannii Minogue bio
Fondly called Disco by her friends, Danielle Jane Minogue was born in Melbourne, Australia on October 20, 1971. Tired of staying under the shadow of her big sister, Kylie, Danni decided to break into the flashy world of showbusiness when she was 7 years old. However, instead of a singing career, Danni's first entertainment stint was acting in an Australian TV series called "Skyways." Her big singing break didn't come until 1982, when she joined "Young Talent Time." With an established singing career, Danni also ventured into other aspects of showbusiness including hosting and fashion designing. Always on the center of the limelight, Danni also had her share of controversies. One of her most recent controversies included being photographed in a strip club with a female lap dancer while doing a sexual activity. Her series of involvements with well-known personalities like Julian McMahon (an Australian actor) and Jacque Villeneuve (Canadian Formula One driver) also got plenty of publicity.

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