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Daphne Deckers bio
Had it not been for Teri Hatcher, Daphne Muriel Deckers would have been the James Bond girl in "Tomorrow Never Dies." Born in Nijmegen, Gelderland on November 10, 1968, Daphne auditioned for the part of Paris Carver in the 1997 Bond film but landed the role of Pryce's publicist instead. Aside from "Tomorrow Never Dies," Daphne also tried out for Marga Maarseveld's part in "Dok 12" in 2001. Unfortunately, she once again lost the role, this time to Elvira Out. However, even though acting was somewhat elusive to her, it was in writing that Daphne found a steady career. She wrote about her experiences in the James Bond set entitled, "My Seven Days with 007." She also penned several books about family life, along with numerous children's books. Daphne also wrote a number of autobiographical books on modeling, being a model herself for about 8 years. At present, Daphne enjoys spending most of her time with husband Richard Karjicek and 2 kids, Emma and Alec.

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