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Daryl Hannah bio
An active environmentalist, Daryl Christine Hannah is one of Hollywood's talented thesps. This tall, dazzling blond with blue-green eyes was born on December 3, 1960. She studies in Chicago's Goodman Theater and graduated in Southern California School of Theater. Originally a keyboard player and back-up singer for Jackson Browne, Daryl made her film debut with a small role in "The Fury," a horror flick by Brian De Palma. However, it wasn't until her mermaid role in Ron Howard's "Splash" that Daryl established herself as a serious film actress. She landed many major roles after "Splash" during the 90's, but eventually hit a hiatus from them. She made a comeback only recently with her role as Elle Driver in "Kill Bill." Despite being one of silver screen's most alluring faces, Daryl remained an unmarried woman. However, she was known to have been romantically involved with a few good-looking men, including John F. Kennedy Jr. and actor Val Kilmer. At present, Daryl devotes much of her time advocating sustainable solutions and had recently been a judge for a "Convenient Truth" contest by Treehugger.com.

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