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Denise Crosby bio
Coming from a family with an acting history, there is little doubt that Denise will follow in the footsteps of her dad. Born in Hollywood, California on November 24, 1957, Denise is most popular for playing the character of Security Chief Tasha Yar in the cult sci-fi hit, “Star Trek: The Next Generation.” Unfortunately, Denise decided to quit the show because there simply aren't enough action sequences for her character anymore. Before “Star Trek,” Denise first appeared in “Days of our Lives” as Lisa Davis. Apart from TV shows, Denise also starred in a number of films, including "48 Hours," “Trail of the Pink Panther,” “Curse of the Pink Panther,” “Skin Deep,” “Jackie Brown,” and “Deep Impact.” In 1997, Denise narrated and produced a documentary about Star Trek called “Trekkies” and its sequel, “Trekkies 2.” Denise also made several appearances in other TV series like “X-Files, “Red Shoe Diaries,” “JAG,” “The Agency,” and “The Flash.” She also previously appeared in a music video for Black Sabbath's "No Stranger to Love."

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