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Diane Keaton bio
Diane Keaton is a woman of many talents and she is known as one America's top award-winning actresses, but she is also recognized as a director, producer, photographer, and even singer. She found her passion for acting when she was in high school and she proceeded to make small steps to become the great actress that she is today. She moved to New York to try her luck in show business, and she began by singing at night clubs, while taking acting classes at Neighborhood Playhouse. Her first theater break came when she was made an understudy for “Hair,” and after some months, she finally landed a role in the Woody Allen film “Play It Again, Sam,” for which she gained a Tony Award. Diane Keaton's breakthrough movie role was in The Godfather, but it was Woody Allen who was instrumental in her success as she starred in four more of his films, one of which – Annie Hall – gave her an Oscar. By this time, Diane Keaton established herself as a comedy actress, and she would play similar roles for decades on.

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