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Dian Parkinson bio
A beauty queen who competed and won first runner-up in the prestigious Miss World beauty pageant, Dian Parkinson was born in North Carolina on November 30, 1944. Before Miss World, Dian previously won other beauty titles as Miss District of Columbia and Miss USA fourth runner-up. She became a model for Barker's Beauty on "The Price Is Right" in 1975, a stint which continued until 1993. Lasting 18 years on the popular game show, Dian is one of the models who had the longest "The Price Is Right" career. However, despite Dian's long tenure on the show, her departure in 1993 was subjected to many rumors. One of the most popular rumors says that the reason she left that show was because she had a rift with fellow "The Price Is Right" model Janice Pennington. A year after she left the game show, Dian sued Bob Barker, the show's executive producer and host, for sexual harassment but dropped the case later on. Apart from her long-term gig as a game show model, Dian also appeared in the covers of Playboy magazine in 1991 and 1993.

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