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Elsa Pataky bio
More than just a pretty face, Elsa Pataky is one of Hollywood's newest stars. Born in Madrid, Spain on July 18, 1976, this multi-lingual bombshell was also a former Journalism student of Universidad de San Pablo. With her eyes set on an acting career, Elsa also began taking acting classes during the time she was studying. She appeared in a number of popular TV series in Spain, including “Tio Willy” and “Al Salir de Clase.” A talented thesp, Elsa also received acclamation for the various films she made like “El Arte de Morir” and “Menos Es Mas.” Already a star in her native land, Elsa tried to break into Tinseltown. Her screen debut outside her country was the 2006 cult thriller, “Snakes on a Plane,” which starred her with Samuel L. Jackson. Elsa is also set to star in “Astérix aux jeux olympiques” in 2007, along with sports celebrities Michael Schumacher and David Beckham. At present, Elsa Pataky is dating Academy-award winning actor, Adrien Brody.

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