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Emanuela Folliero bio
With her striking beauty and wild curves, there is little doubt that Emanuela Folliero is one of Italy's most sizzling actresses. Born in Milan, Italy on July 12, 1965, Emanuela started her career as a model before she became an actress. Her television debut came in 1987 when she was chosen to host the sports show, Milan-Inter. In 1990, Emanuela was selected to become Net 4's official announcer. She also became the host for Italy 1's “Top Twenty” musical program and Net 4's “The Beautiful Ones.” Other TV projects of Emanuela includes “Jet Set,” “Sabato VIP,” “Paolo Limiti Show,” and “Conto su Di Te.” Apart from hosting a number of excellent TV programs, Emanuela also did a bit of acting in 2001. She appeared in the movie “Merry Christmas,” a film directed by Neri Parenti. Emanuela is also known as the significant other of Stefano D'Orazio (the drummer of a band called Pooh) for many years.

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