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Emma de Caunes bio
Born in Paris on September 9, 1976, Emma de Caunes is one of France's most talented actresses. A beautiful lady who inherited her father's acting genes, Emma is the daughter of legendary French director and actor Antoine de Caunes. Critics enjoy and praise her work, as she often gives her performances depth. In 1997, Emma starred in the acclaimed film "Un frère," where she won several awards from different award-winning bodies. Among the awards she received were Best Actress at the Paris Film Festival and Most Promising Actress at the César awards. She had also been nominated in the Best Actress category at the Acteurs à l'Écran awards for the same film. Her other works include "Short Order," "The Science of Sleep," "Mr. Bean's Holiday," and two more upcoming films: "L'Age des Tenebres" and "Le Scaphandre et el Papillon." For Emma's numerous fans who want to know more about her and her works, they can visit Emma's various websites online at EmmaDeCaunes.com.

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