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Franka Potente bio
Franka Potente (born on July 22, 1974) is a German film actress. She started her career in the comedy 'It's a Jungle Out There' in 1995. She gained critical acclaim for the action thriller 'Run Lola Run' in 1998, starring as the film’s hero Lola. She also sang songs for the movie. The part was written specially for her after a meeting with the director, Tom Tykwer, in a cafe. The film was a hit in Europe even if it was a small-budgeted art house film production. She made several other German films, including 'Anatomy', a horror movie, and 'The Princess and the Warrior', a romantic thriller. After half a decade of critically acclaimed roles in German films, Potente gained Hollywood's attention by playing the role of Barbara Buckley in Blow (2001) opposite Johnny Depp. She played the female lead role of Marie Kreutz opposite Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity (2002), and in the sequel 'The Bourne Supremacy' (2004). Potente won Germany's highest film and television awards for her performances in Run Lola Run and Operaball.

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