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Geena Davis bio
Geena Davis, born Virginia Elizabeth Davis on January 21 1956 in Waraham Massachusetts is Academy Awards Best Supporting Actress in 1988 for The movie The Accidental Tourist. She also won a Golden Globe Awards Best Actress in a Television Series Drama for 'Commander in Chief' in 2006. With the height of 1.83m, Davis was a window mannequin for designer Ann Taylor while she was under the Zoli modeling agency. It was actually during her modeling job that she was spotted by Sydney Pollack who immediately cast her for the movie Tootsie in 1982. Davis, however, got her breakthrough in 'The Fly and Beetlejuice'. She got an Oscar as Best Supporting Actress for The Accidental Tourist 1988 and a Best Actress nomination for Thelma and Louise in 1991. Geena was married four times and had one gay relationship with Madonna. Davis is a member of American Mensa with an IQ of 140. She is also the founder of SeeJane, a program aimed to eliminate gender stereotyping for programs intended for children 11 years old and below.

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